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Purity Cleanse

If you want to reduce oiliness and balance your complexion, this facial is for you. The deep cleansing properties of Kaolin and Bentonite healing clays work to absorb toxins and leave your skin crystal clear.


Cleanse and balance the skin with Geranium and Witch Hazel then complete hydration with an organic moisturiser suited to your skin type.






60 mins $100


Wildflower Healing

This high performance facial works to reduce fine lines and facial tension, resulting in glowing radiance and stress free skin. To begin, wildflower essences cleanse and tone deep into the dermal layers. Then relax and enjoy a massage while our revitaliser mask nourishes the skin. 


Finish with an avocado oil anti-ageing moisturiser or one matched to your skin type. 




30 mins $60
60 mins $100


Collagen Booster

This intense facial treatment will have you looking youthful and radiant. Saturate your skin with a 100% pure collagen mask, and rejuvenate with moisturising wildflower essence and shea butter eye cream.




60 mins $115

All facials come with a head and neck massage.